Personalized client engagement at scale

Effortless for you. Intuitive for your clients. The Autoflow feature is designed with scalability and accountability as the top priorities.

Group training made easy

Personal connections with more clients

Grow your reach and influence with automated check-ins and messaging.

Consistent and high quality training

Give every client the best experience delivered straight to their phones.

Reduce busy work, and avoid burnout

We make training less stressful, so you can do what you love for longer.


Reach out directly, in so many ways

Share new programs, promote challenges, or just give your clients a little extra motivation. Announcements are the first thing your client will see!

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Be everyone’s favorite coach

From welcome messages to the weekly follow ups, send personalized interactions without having your fingers go numb.


Adaptive training

No matter how novice or advanced your client base is, you can train them with Everfit.

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  • Alternate exercises
  • Workout history
  • Flexibile training schedules
  • %1RM auto progression


Automated check-ins

Deepen your client relationships with daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins.
With Everfit, we are able to serve 3x more clients without hiring any more trainers. We moved all of our clients from a different system and never looked back.
Jonathan Goose — Founder and CEO Gamepoint Performance

A platform that grows with your clients

Nurture your current clients with group training

Deepen your client relationships with daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins.

Acquire new clients with online challenges

Run effortless 30-day challenges that inspire new clients to join.

Try Everfit today

5-minute mile? Start training your clients in less time than that.

  • Train 5 clients for free
  • No credit card required